Other Voices – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“How silently the heart pivots on its hinge.” Jane Hirshfield

Other Voices

The house was not just any house,
it was of me and I of it,
intimacy was every sunken board,
chip and crack of age, and
today for the umpteenth time
the back door squeaked in
greeting at days end,
perhaps that my mind was weary,
and the torture too hard to bear,
that I took the cannister and oiled
that squeak to a silence bare,
peace reigned in all but heart,
I missed that voice,
disturber of life,
provocative spirit,
it made me think.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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22 responses to “Other Voices – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Excellent poem on complacency!

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  2. Unable to reblog so am forwarding this via copy and paste to my readers at sister site Poetic Justice, with credit

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  3. The quirks of our homes, our lives, become a part of us and we wouldn’t trade them for perfection. Good one, Paul!

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  4. Silence, contemplation, and squeaks. sometimes those still small voices come from the most unexpected corners.

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  5. Amy

    Very beautifully expressed, Paul.

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  6. Silence is often the most disturbing sound.

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  7. I read your poem several times. I think, ultimately, it speaks to stilling the most vital part of us for the sake of ease.

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  8. Charis Counselling

    Once again so very deep and filled with meaning that eludes me


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