I have No Words – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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"Racism is all over the world but justice is nowhere."  Areena Nadeem

I Have No Words

Decades of days have passed
whose shadows have lenghtened
like a pall on a coffin
in a dimly lit chapel
awaiting a prayer of light
to reveal the edifice collapsed,
the facade of politeness exposed
in every corner of a smug world,
where power is bound in abstraction,
whose currency is hatred,
whose anthems divide,
whose flags are merely shrouds
of deadly propaganda
laying waste to minds,
what has happened to humanity?
It is impossible to speak of it,
I have no words.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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54 responses to “I have No Words – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Very powerful piece, Paul. I especially like the line about hatred being currency. Nicely done.x

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  2. Profound piece so well written Paul. Racism in any form should not be tolerated.

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  3. I feel the same, you say it so well

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  4. Paul, do you mind if I reblog this at tao talk?

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  5. I am disgusted. These riots have nothing to do with justice for George. I feel sorry for the people who have actually worked for that. Now the 4 men are in jail – time to go home await the trials, but free merchandise and tearing stores and trucks apart is too much fun, eh?

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    • No, I watched some footage of the protesters battling looters, they were very much aware of the underbelly. One group of protesters handed over a couple of guys trying to break into a store, was good to see.

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  6. The looting, the violence, has nothing to do with the overall message of what is happening, I believe. I am reassured by the sheer force of the collective (peaceful) protesting for change. Maybe the flag will regain its prideful symbolism and the propaganda will be shattered. Thanks Paul.

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  7. Your words leave me at a loss for words, as it rings so true.

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  8. Yes, you do — and they are valuable ones. Beautiful poem, as always.

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  9. Amy

    Thank you for this poem, Paul.

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  11. lync56

    Agreed – thank you for putting into words so well and giving voice to what many of us are feeling


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  12. powerfully profound, glad it’s happening here too as we are no better … bring back humanity!

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  13. It echoes , it touches, it strikes the readers heart. Thank you. Yes, words can’t totally , fully define what’s happening.

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  15. So true Paul! Its horrible what happend. The last days i needed a lot of time getting a balance between anger and sadness. Michael

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