What Is The Colour Of Guilt? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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"There comes a time when silence is betrayal."  Martin Luther King Jr.

What Is The Colour Of Guilt?

We thought he had a gun,
she was in the way,
he walked towards me,
she was similar to the picture,
he was eratic,
he was suspicious,
she reached into her handbag
he was filming me,
she was unwell,
he looked like a perp,
he was known,
he argued,
the neighbour said,
we didn't know it was a phone,
he crashed his car,
there was a phone call,
O, it was a toy gun,
He shot himself while handcuffed,
he was running,
he was asleep but he was armed,
he was in the shop,
He was high,
she was arguing,
there were drugs,
he laughed,
O, he was in his own yard,
mistaken identity,
he was helping police,
he looked at me,
he was mentally ill,
she was homeless,
unpaid fines,
the white man said,
the white woman said,
he was black,
she was balck,
a counterfeit twenty dollar note,
a cheap life
when you stand in blue
above the law you uphold,
you can make up a story
to make their innocence 
suit your crime,
what is the colour of guilt?

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Note: To say that Black Lives Matter is not to diminsh other lives, especially Indigenous lives, but they simply make the point about injustice. Statistics don't actually bear out the injustice until you look deeply at the cases - unarmed, ill, mistaken identity, and many innocent people. 

Paul, pvcann.com


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27 responses to “What Is The Colour Of Guilt? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Ohh this so true..and heartbreaking

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  2. When you lay out those lame excuses and then you connect each one to a murder it makes quite an impact.

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  3. Guilt has been whitewashed, Paul.

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  4. Amy

    Thank you for the poem. Thank you for the note. My heart is heavy these days…

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  5. Thanks for such to the point poem Paul.

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  6. lync56

    This needs to be called out more and more – well said


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  7. In the meantime, one might think that guilt has a skin color. A different one in each country. Horrible and sad, what happend again. Michael

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  8. One of the incidents happened walking distance from my house. I’m thankful there not forgotten 💔

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  9. Yes. People think we’re just angry, we’re hurt more than anything! I always tell people that everyone is someone’s loved one, treat them like you want your loved one to be treated. That goes for 👏🏽every👏🏽human👏🏽being on Earth!! There’s no way these officers would’ve been ok with someone doing this to their family members! It’s not ok! All cops are not bad btw, I’ve had a lot of help from good cops!

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    • Good point, yes, so why is it acceptable based on race? It beggars belief that this can happen, and makes me wonder how systemic it is if it is so prevalent is it part of the training? Horrible.

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