Desperation – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: This was a peaceful protest in Minneapolis.

"Violence only begets violence."  Ilhan Omar 


Of course,
Anger must out,
an expression of grief,
so black and blue and
the smell of death is electric,
if you open the wound you
expose the bones of desperation
sick with the cancer of misery,
you can feel the divisions,
and like cornered strays,
retaliation is the last vestige
of self-respect, survival, 
how far have we really come?
What is the point of celebrating 
progress if we can't love our neighbour?

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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19 responses to “Desperation – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. blindzanygirl

    Indeed this is true

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  2. The protests were peaceful until outside agitators saw an opportunity to inflict mayhem. Protest us one thing. Deliberately damaging businesses is not. It doesn’t help your cause. But since the Bugaloo Boys and other groups don’t live there, they don’t care.

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    • True, but it is part of a wider problem of injustice, the research clearly shows there’s a problem and as Kennedy said, if you suppress and ignore it will out. I do understand them,powerlessness does often end this way, and various groups become the point of rallying, we live in strange times.

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  3. It all comes down to those last two lines, Paul.

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  4. If we can’t love our neighbor, there is no progress.

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  5. The last line is a fantastic ending. Thank you for enother statement, Paul!

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