No One Could Hear Me – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

"A Riot is the language of the unheard." 

No One Could Hear Me

I dreamt a torrid dream,
that I was in a grand hall
and no one could hear me speak,
but everyone laughed at me,
pushed and shoved me,
took my coat,
punched and kicked,
spat at me, 
robbed me of everything
even my dignity,
I called for help,
no one came, 
they jeered it was my place,
to accept their fate for me,
so, I set fire to a chair and
burned the hall to the ground,
perhaps you can hear me now?

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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43 responses to “No One Could Hear Me – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. These are the poems that are needed to break the cycle of violence.

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  2. A vicious conclusion. Powerful piece, Paul.

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  3. blindzanygirl


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  4. Powerful poem bro! 🙌
    The message is strong, we as society, should really listen and try to understand each other, when everyone feels understood and feels a connection, then there can be much more peace in the world!

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  5. It speaks to the times. Well done, Paul.

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  6. It makes sense, doesn’t it, why people are rioting! No one is listening nor acting.

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  7. Amy

    Powerful! Thank you for the poem, Paul.

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  8. An understood worded protest, a cry for help admits abandonment and rage. Well voiced Paul!💕🙏💕

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  9. Charis Counselling

    Great poem – saying what needs to be said and hopefully heard


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  10. Martin Luther King coined the quote you posted. Maybe an edit to add his name?

    Excellent poem!!

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  11. I listened to Loretta Lynch on TV and she spoke volumes. She was the voice of reason and logic – I heard every word – yet she did not raise her voice once, nor did she light a match or commit any crime in the name of George Floyd. To me, she was the only one who honored that Innocent man who was killed by one corrupt cop.

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