And Danced -a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




“You can’t look back; you have to keep looking forward.”  Lucy Liu

And Danced

This has been a real moment,
it was always coming, though
not as you might think,
destined in some way,
though on reflection perhaps,
to examine my heart and
gather in the desert
of my soul and refresh,
to ask, was it as it should be?
The world I mean,
where the mythical beast Normal
clamours for attention,
coming to life in habits,
thriving in routines and
growing fat on drudge,
it was after midnight in the
courtyard of dreams
that I lanced that beast
and danced.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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33 responses to “And Danced -a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Brilliant poem Paul.

    “it was after midnight in the
    courtyard of dreams
    that I lanced that beast
    and danced.”


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  2. I really enjoyed that final rhyme, lanced and danced.

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  3. Normalcy – so alluring, so elusive, so deceptive. Intriguing write, Paul.

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  4. Brilliant! Love the imagery!

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  5. One thing that I missed during my hiatus from social media was your poetry. Happy to be back and reading it once more

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  6. Charis Counselling

    I love it – yes it does need lancing


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  7. This is the gift we are being offered during this Pandemic, forced to look at our previous self-inflicted ‘normal’ and wake up to better possibilities! Wonderful poem Paul, a favourite!

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  8. I have nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award. Please have a look

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  9. Me too, Paul! The final rhymes are wonderful, and we should not waste any time looking back.Michael

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