There Are Moments – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Poetics – Solitude

Bjorn at dVerse is hosting poetics and has invited us to write about solitude while trying to avoid using the word itself.6AE55DF0-5D2C-420E-A901-F4DF5F165703.jpeg

Photo: Somewhere between Merredin and Menzies. The bush is my best solitude.


“The more ways we have to connect, the more many of us seem desperate to unplug.” 
Pico Iyer

There Are Moments

I gather myself in this place
where the quiet examines me,
knowing that I yearn for it
as a lover yearns for completion,
even so, I avert myself at times
from the uncomfortable rawness of
the self intimacy of such knowing,
preferring to skirt the edges
below the mask so worn,
and yet, there are moments,
fleeting, like the pause of a breath,
within which an elusive thought
awakens my soul.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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45 responses to “There Are Moments – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. So well expressed, Paul.

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  2. “these are moments, fleeting…”
    I agree

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  3. There’s some nice wordplay here.

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  4. It does look a little scary to me. Unknown to me creatures?😉

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  5. I like how thoughts awaken us in the silence.

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  6. Yes, I know those moments.

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  7. I love the thought of tiptoeing around those moments we really crave… actually I prefer all my vacations to be unplugged (finding patches of the wilderness without any coverage)

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  8. i just discovered your work and now the day is gone because it is all i will be reading.

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  9. “I gather myself in this place
    where the quiet examines me,”
    I like your conscious decision to go to the sacred space, and your openness to commune with it. It becomes interactive. The idea of active (sentient?) quiet gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.


  10. Conquering fears not easy

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  11. Finding such moments is one best thing one can do in such times.
    Good one Paul.

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  12. Very nice! Digging down deep on this one!!

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  13. Excellent, Paul! Great quote too.

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  14. Excellent poem, Paul! Great quote too.

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  15. I love the wordplay too.Its unique Paul. Thank you!

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  16. you express it well … and we persist for the wonder of those moments, those slivers … so powerful!

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  17. You make it seem so easy to write this way – when we know it’s reaching into soul.


  18. lync56

    Wow beautifully put


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