Sanctuary – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




“Otherness cannot be a form.”  Nicholas of Cusa


The map of the imaginable
is found only in dreams,
vessels its mere dwelling
to strip away the chimera
and reach into the unknown,
leaving the caim of my own
clinging, soft assurance to
discover otherness in
crevice, corner, underside,
the small of the wild is
ever sanctuary to the fire
of creative love.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Note: the first line comes from the philosopher Gaston Bachelard (1884 – 1962)




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41 responses to “Sanctuary – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Lucy

    Beautifully penned.

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  2. this is so moving Paul

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  3. Sounds like the inside of my writing have……

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  4. What does the Cusa quote mean?

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  5. Reblogging this to my readers at sister site Poetic Justice

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  7. “The map of the imaginable” echoes a conversation I had a couple of hours ago about Appreciative Inquiry–only the map of the imaginable could be found in the language we use and the questions we ask.

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  8. Imagination is necessary and so is the creativity.
    I am glad humans have found this art centuries ago.

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  9. The last three lines are really adorable, and a wonderful end for the great poem. Thank you Paul, and enjoy your weekend. Michael

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  10. lync56

    Wow that is so beautiful and love the picture too


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