Goons – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo:   Some of the protesters in Michigan last week, these militia members claimed to be present and armed to keep the peace. Beggars belief. Freud said something about this behaviour.


“I don’t believe gun owners have rights.”  Sarah Brady


A man with a gun is
not necessarily a man
when he hides behind
coercive death,
dressed in god drag,
dangled with shibboleths,
like talismans,
voicing sulfur,
selling slogans of
repressed doubt,
choking on rancid,
illiterate apocalyptic,
Caterwauling goons
with no resemblance to
a crown of thorns.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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51 responses to “Goons – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Gun owners have rights in my home state and elsewhere.

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  2. These are not rights, this is intimidation and show.

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    • Yes, this is different to plain gun ownership. No one needs an automatic assault rifle. As many of us look on from outside your country we are deeply disturbed by the cultic nature of the second amendment crowd. Too many of them wrapped in some form of fanaticism, mostly religious underpinnings.

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  3. Lots of passion in this write. These goons leave me speechless….

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  4. Thank you for saying this. It needed to be said, as I sit here in my own home trying to write when one of said goons has been shooting off his gun across the street from my house ALL MORNING LONG.

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  5. These times bring our the best and the worse in people. If you’ll notice Goons are never alone, they always need backup goon-lettes!

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  6. Excellent summation of the jackals that think a gun makes them a ‘man’. Truth is that many, if not most, were members of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. Sigh. What a muck we have made of our society in the U.S., eh?

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    • Yes, I can only agree Jill, the gun culture you have certainly colours your culture.

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      • It is insane, and I’m afraid this summer it’s going to get even more so …

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      • It would really need state and fed leaders to work together to either agree on the contextual meaning of the second amendment or ditch it altogether for a revised or new one to get beyond the constant impasse. I hope you/we are pleasantly surprised by positive behaviour instead.

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      • With most every republican in Congress, not to mention the idiot in the Oval Office being in the pockets of the NRA, there’s no way there will be any restrictions or abolishment of the 2nd Amendment. Personally, I think it has outlived its original intent and has been misinterpreted far beyond what was ever intended and I would throw it out altogether. But, I am the minority here. I hope so too … I hope I have to laugh at my own doomsday predictions.

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      • I hope to be able to laugh with you. Shame about being a minority, I guess intelligence is at a premium.

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  7. Awesome, Paul!!! You tell’em!!! Bravo!

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  8. Well said…goons indeed.

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  9. lync56

    Your the master of words


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