Reducing The Distance – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




“Openness isn’t the end; it’s the beginning.”  Margaret Heffernan

Reducing The Distance

Fear and prejudice are manifest,
tearing at our hearts as
one fear begets another and
to step out of that slavery
is what brings us together,
reducing the distance of suspicion
where we discover each other
leaving no room for misunderstanding,
no longer wanting what I don’t want
and knowing that fulfillment is
that which is within is that
by which I live,
a hidden wisdom to
which I constantly respond
with surprise.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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32 responses to “Reducing The Distance – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. You always hit home!☺️

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  2. It is always a surprise to discover that the wisdom resides within. I just need to listen.

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  3. So fitting for the present. Now, far away from this virus, we have the chance to have a real coexistence. Thank you Paul! Stay well and save, and enjoy your weekend! Michael

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  4. At a distance yet closer through thoughtful and beautiful words. This is the writer’s gift.

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  5. Thank you for using your adept way wth words to address all the things… As always, I agree. Let’s bring that hidden wisdom to light.

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  6. Wonderful way of giving the important message, Paul.

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  7. You warm my soul very word.


  8. lync56

    Some deep wisdom here – love the picture too


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