Re-membered – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Remember



“If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets.”  Haruki Murakami


Death is so singular,
so rude without compare,
beyond any place and
not just a little ambiguity
as it challenges the
primacy of our built reality,
an unwelcome intrusion into
the facia of polite circles
where everyone merely exists
and avoids the revelatory
nature of an invitation to
reframe life in the veins of
a narrative, re-membering,
putting back together a
semblance of what was once
so meaningful, a body of
moments that live on
in the telling.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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28 responses to “Re-membered – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. so well said and expreesed and the break of word is so well penned

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  2. It’s what is left near the end.

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  3. The Murakami poem is a profound setting of the stage for your profound poem.

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  4. Love it too, Paul! A very difficult theme, but you penned it wonderful to the paper. Thank you! Michael

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  5. Another wow, Paul. “Re-membering” a life – such a concept and exactly what we do after the trauma of death.

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  6. I like it. Death is rude indeed. very.

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  7. This one really hits home, as I mourn the deaths of my father, mother, and my little brother through poetry re-membering them.

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  8. Great quote by Murakami.
    And yes one is blessed if someone remembers.

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  10. lync56

    Yes – a very deep and meaningful poem


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