Who Are You? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo by Geralt at pixabay.com


“One’s own self is well hidden from one’s own self; of all mines of treasure, one’s own is the last to be dug up.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

Who Are You?

Have you always remembered who you are,
did you not lose yourself just once
in pursuit of what belonged to others?
And how did you leave and return to yourself?
What did you let go and what did you
pick up as you came home to you
that you might be real,
speaking changeling,
living imago?
Who are you,
do you remember?

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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33 responses to “Who Are You? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I’m sure we are all guilty of showing another side to ourselves, for reasons good or less so. Beautifully, and quite disturbingly, put, Paul.

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  2. In times like these –

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  3. This resonates with me. This piece is very thought provoking. 🧐

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  4. Oh that path to self is so circuitous – I try to follow it back but so many times am lost.

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  5. Wooh . hard hitting truths. Love it. Do we know who we are … or who we are intended to be 🤔

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  6. lync56

    “chan-geling” hahaha – No seriously I really love this poem it speaks to something that is so real and for some there is no awareness of this lostness of the true self


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  7. When I begin to lose myself, my writing brings me back. When I’m writing, I feel most alive and myself. Writing is my homeplace.

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  8. So true, Paul! Its always questionable, asking who we are real. Your last line is perfect. Best wishes, Michael – Sorry, i am always a little bit late in visiting all the blogs on my list.

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