This Sacred Ground – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: Flat Rock, along the Blackwood River.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.”   Joseph Campbell


This Sacred Ground

The fruit of adolescence recaptured
that old reckless abandon,
a fearless letting go returned
as I came across the first stone,
I was moved, overcome, and I cast
myself upon the sweet-smelling earth,
kicking off my shoes in a Moses moment,
daring to touch this sacred ground
the very core of me.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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38 responses to “This Sacred Ground – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Yes, there really are places like that!

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  2. Climbing Beaver Brook Falls did that for me.

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  3. I have been moved by different places – you describe it well.

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  4. The power of being in the moment and at the same time savouring a sweet adolescent moment is a powerful combo!

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  5. connection to country does that … well described Paul!

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  6. We have all had experiences as the one you have lovingly expressed here in poetry. And those are the moments we want to experience again. 👍❤️☕️☕️❤️

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  7. lync56

    Such beautiful words – so much resonating in this for me


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  8. blindzanygirl

    I have experienced this too and it is beautiful. Thankyou for this lovely poem Paul

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