Of Every Bastard Politician – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Poetics – Taboo

Amaya at dVerse has invited us to write a poem considering the topic taboo!


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“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Thomas Jefferson

Of Every Bastard Politician

How I desire compassion
O how I talk of love,
I would rend the heavens for
orphans and widows,
downtrodden people turned
into beasts of no consequence,
O, but lust!
My jaw slackens,
saliva glistens my jaw,
heart racing,
as I waking dream
the mollusks and shells of
keelhauling, the ropes of death,
the bullets of ebbing breath,
blood coursing my hands,
of every bastard politician.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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77 responses to “Of Every Bastard Politician – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Profound piece Paul.

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  2. Thoughts of murder may be no better than actual murder in the final reckoning. Nice expression of the taboo of revenge.

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  3. Keelhauling. A just retribution. Hypocrites all and lust their final undoing, and the only crime that ever seems to find condemnation by the public in these puritanical days.

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  4. So difficult to not have taboo thoughts in these time.

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  5. you’ve expressed our mass frustration at these lying thieving B…s 😦
    Don’t do it, not worth it …

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  6. Taboo of Getting
    Revenge Clever
    of Bugs Bunny Better..;)

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  7. A good one. Now, “bastard politician”? Isn’t that a tad redundant?
    (Where’s the tongue-in-cheek emoji when you need it?)

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  8. Fantastic imagery, Paul. I think everything can be expunged, everything can be forgiven.

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    • Yes, as a pacifist I still found this delicious to mull over, but indeed forgiveness will play its part, for which I yearn for myself as much as for others. Thank you Amaya.


  9. I can understand those murderous thoughts… but in the end, we will not do it

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  10. Paul, as long as lust for power and control consumes the hearts of humans, politicians will step up to play the game. I truly believe those humans have sold their souls to evil, even the ones who honestly think they have good intentions. I’m with Jefferson.

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  11. Well written, Paul! There is so much truth in it, and the related movie is a wonderful piece too. I love the version with Bruce Willies, too. 😉 Best wishes, and (try to) stay far away from the virus. How small, but how professional this thing is travelling around the world. It does not need a passport, and it does not stop on borders. Speaking all languages around the world. 😉 Michael

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  12. Just such a perfect poem for these times. I’m grateful to hear voices like yours from around the globe. It gives me hope!

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  13. lync56

    Whoa!! brutal


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