Into Nothing – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




“All roads are blocked to a philosophy which reduces everything to the word ‘no’. To ‘no’ there is only one answer and that is ‘yes.’  Victor Hugo


Into Nothing

Words carry obligations
without signature,
though often the tongue has no
ear to provide even a
sound through the thick
distension of my lungs
drowning in ever increasing
viscous weight,
wanting to cry out,
the sound falling forward
into nothing, and
only self-doubt becoming
an anchor of irony in the
shifting sea of discontent.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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23 responses to “Into Nothing – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. This is magnificent, Paul. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Amy

    Insightful, beautifully expressed.

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  3. Hmm, how did you know how I’ve been feeling lately?

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  4. So well said….at times feel this Paul.

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  5. Very beautiful, Paul! Great and deep thoughts. Thank you, and have a beautiful virus free weekend. Michael

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  6. “anchor of irony” – good one.

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  7. lync56

    Some very deep meaning there that I think I miss



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