The Blossom Of Love – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse – Poetics – Apple

Anmol at dVerse has invited us to write about the humble apple.

Giclee-Art Print-08485-Japanese Flowers-Modern-Paper-A.jpg

Art:  –  Japanese apple blossom


“O may your breasts be like clusters of the vine, and the scent of your breath like apples.”  Song of Songs


The Blossom Of Love

The autumn gnarl and winters bane,
a mange of wolfish devour
stripped bare her modesty,
a vain reveal to a
brittle edge of life
where no life presents,
until, at last,
my eye corners a sudden
translucent flourish
enveloping her sallow,
aged limbs,
with a ripeness of birthing to
my spring as I sup at her fruit,
my cheeks awash in the juice
of apple and faint in the
blossom of love.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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46 responses to “The Blossom Of Love – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Exquisite imagery and contrasts, Paul. Such a master.

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  2. Fine use of images, linking them and twisting them. I especially like the opening couplet.

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  3. lol double innuendo … the master of passion!

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  4. such a delicious poem Paul and full of sensory delights

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  5. Amy

    … blossom of love. Eloquent, indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I always admire your use of language. This is so descriptive, with a lovely ending.

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  7. Very good imagery, Paul! Agree totally to VJ. Michael

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  8. lync56

    Wow I love the subtle double meaning – very sensual


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