But The Earth Laughs – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

RDP Saturday – Nation

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Tomorrow, January 26, is “Australia Day” a slap in the face to our Indigenous people who remember it as Invasion Day. It is supposed to be a national holiday to commemorate the founding of Australia (as a white colony) under the British realm. I would rather we celebrated our so called nationhood in line with the federation of Australia and found other ways to be more united in a commonly agreed set of values and purpose. In another sense, I am not committed to any flag, I am however, committed to people irrespective of status, colour, religion and creed. In my view flags, nationalism and patriotism are dangerous, and the proof of that is in the daily news!


“Mounting an expedition to actualise a Compassionate Commonwealth of all peoples … is the great spiritual challenge of our time.” Sam Keen

But The Earth Laughs

Someone planted a flag and watered it
with jingoism and platitudes that
had no real connection to anything
let alone meaning
in the truest sense of the word,
people made pious statements and swooned
as if the earth might clap with joy
at the sound of our own voices,
exulting over our claims,
but the earth laughs at us as a
parent laughs at a child who thinks it knows,
until the child grows and
poisons the soil with nationalism,
worse, it murders unity with patriotism
and life wilts before us in
borders, walls and detention
where no one is safe,
and words become blades that
wound and butcher
for the mere sense of a date
or the colour of skin,
and yet we skilfully wallpaper death
like nothing is wrong
and we raise champagne to a
beautiful monied lie,
that fiction of ownership,
that we own what we do not own
be it mountains,
or be it myths and legends.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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50 responses to “But The Earth Laughs – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. A great poem that twists our traditional understanding of things on its head.

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  2. “we raise champagne to a beautiful monied lie” ….the whole poem is such an absolutely perfect description of my country –how did you know so much about America? Oh wait, you were talking about your country …Great poem!

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  3. Oh Paul, this really resonated! So true.

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  4. If only we would care for things as eagerly as we claim them.
    Powerful piece, Paul. Thank you.

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  5. I am touched. Yes, we have a tendency to claim ownership over nature itself by certain exalted notions. Whereas, a sense of brotherhood is important.

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  6. I am so happy and so honored you wrote this! XOX


  7. Reblogged this on The Mix and BIG ISMS and commented:
    Invasion Day


  8. copy, paste, author credited, blog link included. I have to share this.

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  9. A very powerful poem, mate. 😉. The jingoism fills me with despair, including how people buy into it. Isn’t it ironic that when big corporations jump the fence to mine on people’s properties (seeing how we only own what’s above the ground) that there is outrage? And rightly so.
    Hope you don’t mind my chats, Paul.

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  10. Our arrogance will be our undoing.

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  11. A trenchant commentary on our current state of affairs. The self-righteous posturing for political [read personal] is getting increasingly difficult to bear.

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  12. So well written and expressed here. Thank you!

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  13. So true. Humans are just a little pimple on the nose of the earth.;-)

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  14. lync56

    A sad and disturbing reflection of of our reality which humanity has created


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  15. lync56

    You need to publish this more widely


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  16. This is beautiful like Imagine. What we need id more laughter and less flags

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