When Rivers Change – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Habit


Photo: found at wikimedia.com – Nowitna River


“Life is like a river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.”  Emma Smith

When Rivers Change

When rivers change
as rivers do
unstraightened into bends,
sweeping earth from
side to side and back again,
they subvert and challenge
every shibboleth and quasi-truth
embedded in the byzantine routines
of our quotidian humanness,
which until that moment
remained unnoticed, hidden,
in the accepted drudge of
our self-created lives as
if this were the only way to live,
and for evermore.
Not so, shout the rivers,
today your habit is interrupted,
you’ll need to go by another route.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com.


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26 responses to “When Rivers Change – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Adaptation is the rule of survival.

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  2. I love this, Paul. First because I am charmed by the river, but secondly, the reminder that even the river changes course – and we do too, when it’s called for.

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  3. This poem has deep meaning for me at this moment. Thank you for sharing it.

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  4. Hmm so true when the river course changes to the rough and rapid ones, it don’t be easy but my Father walks with me and carry me through each one of them by His grace. All glory to God! Beautiful piece! Blessings! 🙂

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  5. I like the push back at the end 🙂

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  6. I wrote a very similar poem ages ago but you say it far more eloquently!

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  8. life is peculiar like a river, it can be straight and narrow, or it can move the earth and change it’s path at any moment.

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  9. lync56

    So true


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