Beautiful Advocate – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

5 Lines – Beautiful


Photo: Getty Images. Princess Dianna sitting with amputees, victims of landmines, Angola, 1997. Dianna as many will remember ignited opposition to the use of landmines which resulted in the Ottawa Mine Ban Treaty and drew attention to the work of the Halo Trust whose work is clearing mines and advocacy against mines and weapons of war. She had that inner beauty, photos of her shaking hands with lepers, sitting with HIV sufferers, visiting homeless shelters and os on. I’m not a monarchist, but her work was of a different order.

“I’d read the statistics that Angola has the highest percentage of amputees anywhere in the world … that one person in every 333 had lost a limb, most of them through land mine explosions. But that hadn’t prepared me for the reality.”  Dianna Spencer


Beautiful  Advocate

So beautiful, those legs, her …
And such a mind, but O her heart,
her beauty drew the cameras,
merely a stage for the inner beauty
of her compassion for the world.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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46 responses to “Beautiful Advocate – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I worked on a government project that was inspired by Princess Diana. Besides being against land mines, she also spoke out against cluster bombs, which is a shell that contains about 250 individual bombs inside of it. Many of the bombs did not explode on impact like they were supposed to do and children would find them on the ground and pick them up and loose their limbs. I worked on a special battery that went inside this self destruct fuse to ensure that every bomb which did not explode on impact, went off a few seconds later. She was a very courageous lady.

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    • Yes, I remember the public outcry over clusters, macabre. What a job, positive within a negative. Yes, I think she was brave on many levels, she stood amongst giants. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  2. Diana was so amazing. I wish there were more like her. I have high hopes for the newest royals, and admire their desire to change things, even while being so taunted.

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  3. It takes courage and a sense of hope to enter that world, especially with children.

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  4. She always appeared so comfortable in situations which would make others squirm….because that’s when she could be herself.

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  5. She was a beautiful person inside outside.

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  6. Good use of the prompt! ❤

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  7. Wonderful words, Paul.

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  8. She really did set an example for the world. Such a loss.

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  9. A fitting tribute to Dianna and her legacy.

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  10. Amy

    Thank you for this post, Paul.

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  11. Beautiful tribute to a caring and gentle soul.

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  12. thank you for remembering a good soul and good work, your poem was exquisite to me

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  13. Beautiful … both the picture and the poem.

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  14. She really was an inspiration. I’ve an idea that Harry, will be forging a similar path, now freed (at least to some extent) from ‘The Firm’.

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  15. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. She accomplished a lot in her few years. Thank you for sharing.

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  16. Wonderful written! I apologize for the late revisit. Best wishes, Michael

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  17. A most beautiful individual with a beautiful soul. Lovely poem

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  18. lync56

    Such a beautiful poem about a beautiful women inside and out as you said


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