Shall I Be Real? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Meeting the Bar – Soliloquy 

Frank at dVerse has invited us to write a soliloquy, to speak one’s interior dialoguee aloud. Latin: solus – alone; loqui – speak.




“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”  Charles Bukowski

Shall I be Real?

Who am I in this curling world,
do I speak from that deeper self,
the I who sees all of all
and knows a word,
or, do I hide and speak a simple side
of who they want of me,
will I pretend to be one of them
and speak their truth against myself,
shall I pretend of them or
shall I be real of me?

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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39 responses to “Shall I Be Real? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Oh, I love these lines:

    will I pretend to be one of them
    and speak their truth against myself,

    And now I wonder…

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  2. A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely, she let her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter A strong woman is both soft and powerful, for she is both practical and spiritual in many levels that no once can reach.

    She is indefinitely a strong woman in her wonderful essence, an invigorating light to everyone, she is a gift to the entire universe.

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  3. I like the contrast you set up between “pretend of them” and “real of me”. It is well described in this line “and speak their truth against myself”.

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  4. Beverly Crawford

    I fear I have a strong tendency to speak bluntly … to shoot from the lip, so to speak!

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  5. The juxtaposition of the emotions so vividly presented through your words.

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  6. I liked this, just can’t leave a comment so here are my thoughts. I don’t think, from all of reading your words, that you could ever be less than honest about anything.

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  7. A great soliloquy! A challenge we all face. Be true to your self and find peace of mind!

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  8. It’s hard to be vulnerable…and safe.

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  9. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar

    As I age, being “real of me” is getting so much easier.

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    • I guess I’m a bit odd because I began not worrying early and perfected it in my late 20s, but most of my family and friends would say age really brings something for them in being able to be real, to let go, and I admire that very much, thank you for sharing that Margaret.


  10. Wonderful poem Paul.
    When we learn to be true to ourself rest comes as by product.

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  11. I think this is a hard question to answer, if I’m being completely honest with myself.

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  12. I wonder how often it happens that we don’t know the real self though.

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  13. Megwetch and thank you for this beauty.


  14. Nice poem. Yes, it is easier to go along with the others than being true to your real self. So many even I have tried to be one of them.

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    • Yes, I think it’s part of the human experience, fortunately some of us pay attention and work towards being authentic. Thank you so much for reading and responding.


  15. Lovely words, and please always be your authentic self.

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  16. As I grow older, being the “real me” has become easier. Sometimes, I wonder why it took me so long to figure it out.

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