A way Home – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“Ghosts don’t haunt us. That’s not how it works. They’re present among us because we won’t let go of them.”  Sue Grafton


A Way Home

The room was so still so late,
nothing and no one
a stirring not,
though midst my typing
a shadow passing
persisting time and again
through the snores of the house,
a presence behind me
not malevolent at all,
simply lost and locked,
needing to find a way home,
a letting go,
a moving on,
saying farewell to what was
and embracing the door
of something else,
for my part
I offered the way
in words of love,
the best map there could be.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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32 responses to “A way Home – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I love that quote you gave at the start of the poem, and the piece is a wonderful follow on of that idea.

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  3. Beverly Crawford

    What a lovely read from beginning to end. Bravo

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  4. You got that exactly right, bro

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  5. I like the description of that presence trying to find a way home.

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  6. I particularly like the movement of this poem to the final three lines.

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  7. The thought of ghosts being dependent un us not letting them go is actually quite sad… we should let them travel along instead of being stuck… reminds me a bit of Limbo in Dante…. imagine we might be living in Limbo.

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  8. Lovely words, Paul, and they resonate with me having lived in a house which had a presence. The former housekeeper, I always thought. Very benign, comforting even. I gave her a fictional way home in my first novel, but we’d moved by the time I’d finished it. I wonder whether she took it?

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  9. Amy

    The last three lines, very moving…

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