No Solution – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

RDP Sunday – Realm




“A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more, and amid the passive acquiescence of all.”  Tacitus

No Solution

The husk of man,
for it is a man rather than a woman,
is forever drained and dry,
burnt in the blinking of an eye
across the fields of loss and grief,
where the butcher’s hand is never stayed,
and the slice is always close to the bone
with the relentless search for
the cure of fear, which, as always
readily falls to cycles of war,
now favoured by the killing of a man
who was food as friend,
and sent to to the heavenly realm
of the great cloud of witnesses
who pray over our esteemed
and utter madness for blood to be
wasted on the unforgiving rocks of dogma.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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82 responses to “No Solution – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Strong words, much needed, Paul. I fear the repercussions.

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  2. Beautifully penned, Paul. I have read about the fire. I hope you’re all safe.

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  3. I am so f-ing sick of this empire game! No more war!!! But yet, here we go again…

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  4. Wow, very well spoken

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  5. So sadly true and reflecting our current time.

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  6. Will need to ponder longer.. i agree and disagree with this poem. First the disagreements. Never hold a woman higher as incapable of causing harm. There are plenty of unscrupulous women. Second, peace begins in each heart. Humility is a daily grind. Third, our view, from where we are, means we cannot possibly know the games being played at such high levels of power. It is a game of chess. We are but pawns. This is between Israel and Iran and the US intercepted something. I dont know what. Im not privy to such information. Definitely a Mideast skirmish spanning before Christ.

    Agreements. War begets war. Including the war in secret. The daily pondering in our hearts and the political twisted mind. Neither side in the US can hold a candle up to themselves and come out on top.

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  7. “Unforgiving rocks of dogma.” Wow. Yes

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  8. blindzanygirl

    Wow! So very deep. I see a few possible interpretations in this, but that’s what makes it so good

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  9. All of these comments were good and on target. I really eyed the one by Jeanne. Strong and well pinned. I wish for no war, Viet Nam was enough for me, I will say that a kill in most cases solves nothing but hurts many, The one that was targeted, a deserved kill or prison. May it all stop where it is now, but I want, we know this, they have been fighting in those countries for mega centuries and it will not stop. I speak not for war but I also know they do not want to start one with freedom countries.

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    • Yes, I think politicians try to do what they can but they fail to see beyond the immediate future, war now will be a long series of attacks anywhere in the world. The fascinating aspect is that this general was critical to US success against Daesh.


  10. I’m not up on the political news you write about, but you’ve titled your post accurately. As long as sinful human beings inhabit this realm, there will always be fighting.
    It starts young. I watched two cute little girl cousins one day — maybe 4 or 5. The one had climbed on Grandpa’s knee and the other, jealous, rushed over and tried to push her off so she could sit on Grandpa’s knee. 😉

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  11. Amy

    Worrisome …
    Glad you are safe!

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  12. 😦 Oh how I wish it were not so

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  13. Strong words thank you for the post

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  14. Thank you for the words, had to be said. Michael

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  15. Charis Counselling

    Great poem – a harsh and sad reality


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  16. Violence only begets more violence. And on and on it goes.

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  17. Nothing changes, but now the world has such dangerous weapons. What next? A powerful poem though, Paul.

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  18. Sorry I was away for a while.❤️

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