The Place Is On Fire – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

RDP Thursday – Puce


Photo: George Mill, Mallacoota.

Major fires burn across four states, two states have declared a state of emergency, the main fire in Western Australia is contained, but the east-west national road link is closed.


“The Monster is on its way to us ….”  Liv Casben, Bateman’s Bay.

The Place Is On Fire

The warnings have been made,
get out now before its too late,
and you sit waiting,
weighing the moment,
counting the imminent loss
as the glow gets closer
and azure turns to puce,
smoke fills your lungs,
while it sounds as if you’re
standing near roaring surf,
as the monster draws near,
and soon enough whole
twigs and sticks ablaze
float past on thick
thermal waves and
sparks catch in dry grass,
the place is on fire,
down to the water we go.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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50 responses to “The Place Is On Fire – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Our thoughts are with you.

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  2. What a tragedy

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  3. Stay safe. Monitoring from afar and horrified to say the least. Climate change deniers continue to deny but the flames, the destruction, and the burnt out smoldering remains can’t be denied. “The Place Is On Fire” is spot on. Again … stay safe.

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  5. I’ve been watching it on the news – horrific. Hope there is reprieve soon.

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  6. Stay safe, Paul. Here in California, we share a similar fate with our wild fires–now more fierce and more difficult to contain and extinguish.

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  7. I feel the heat and fear reading this. Stay out of harms way.

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  8. earth spoke and no one listened, now she is raging, and some still remain passively ignorant. time for the few to conquer the many

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  9. I concur with the comments of your other readers.

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  10. Keep safe, my friend. The responsibility for this falls on my shoulders, and everyone else in the western world. Let this be a wake up call, but meanwhile … please keep safe.

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  11. Where we live, we can see and smell the haze that’s burning from the Gippsland fires. I feel incredibly sad for the people who’ve lost their homes and livelihoods, and all the animals…

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  12. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Australia is BURNING!!!

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  13. So very sorry, Paul, to see and hear all about the fires all across Australia!! Keeping you and your country in my thoughts and prayers and hoping the rest of the world takes heed and takes action about Climate Change!! Awesome post and photo!!

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  14. Charis Counselling

    A tragic reality for many of our fellow Australians whilst our Govt procrastinates and prevaricates


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  15. Such heartbreaking devastation. Praying for rain🙏🏻

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  16. I send you healing rain in every thought!


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