The Past – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

RDP Saturday – mixed feelings


Photo: One of the many.


“Sometimes it is best of memories that are the most painful.”  Paul.


The Past

The ghost of Christmas past
haunts the cupboard where the past lays
in beautifully bound folders,
daring me to revisit
the highs and lows,
especially the lows,
of lost youth
and distant ways,
which make me weep
for imagined more golden days,
leaving me with such mixed feelings
on the way to Christmas present.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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28 responses to “The Past – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. blindzanygirl

    LOVE it. I relate

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  2. I know the feeling, which your poem expresses so well.

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  3. never regret the past .. it shaped but doesn’t define us!

    I did my grieving ages ago and am so grateful I’ve moved on … sounds like you haven’t really allowed yourself to grieve fully 😦

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  4. Sometimes past pages open when we least expect, and our new books are then harder to read….. but don’t worry every book tells a different story….

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  5. Charis Counselling

    Love this poem – evoking memories of the past


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  6. Having experienced a significant bereavement, I’ve come to realise, living is all about how we experience pain, how we live with it, not absence of pain. We don’t move on. We don’t leave it behind. We don’t erase that part of our life. We walk side by side with it, in companionship.

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    • Yes, that’s how I see it. I was reading a holocaust survivor who said – we can let go of the past but it is not a hard drive we can erase. Companionship, friendship is the only way for me too, nicely put, thank you Dawn.


  7. Amy

    with such mixed feelings.., I can relate to that.
    Well expressed, Paul.

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  8. You capture what a reflective time of year this can be, thank you.


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