Moments – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: Mundaring, State Forest Reserve, a zanthorrea with spiralling stem.

“Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.”  Charles Bukowski


Moments pass
and they’re hard to grasp
yet easy enough to feel,
but to the heart they are lasting,
often there is no language
to pick at the threads
or to make something of it,
a memorial offering for posterity
so as never to forget,
some moments are best left
they are simply that moment
to be felt and
never fully to be spoken,
and yet, in the leaving
they are strangely more fully known.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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23 responses to “Moments – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Really liked this, you’re probably tired of my saying loved this, thought I’d change it up a bit😄. I’m a fan, simply put.

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  2. Wonderful poem, Paul. You have we a fresh way of looking at things. Nice! 🌲🥂😁

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  3. The present always becomes the past.

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  4. So true! That’s why we ought to cherish each good moment! ❤ well written as always! God bless you! *P.S I thought the green spiral thing was a snake diving up into the tree* lolol


  5. So well expressed. I know exactly what you mean.

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  6. Stephanie C. Plummer

    You’ve captured this feeling so well!

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  7. I was just thinking that, Paul. but not quite so elegantly. I’m now snapping photos of everything – the mundane, the unusual. Keeping every shot, good or bad as a record that it once existed. I rue the photos I’ve deleted on the basis that I could take a better shot next time, like the photo of mounds of wheat stored under tarps because the silos were full. Those images haunt me. Stupid thing to say, eh? Those mounds have been gone for nearly three years now.

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  8. Beautiful plant in your photo. Some things are too beautiful for words. Also when you “name” a thing with words you trap it in the real world….

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  9. Great and true conclusion!

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