The Devil Has A Clipboard – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




“The corruption of every government begins nearly always with that of principles.”  Charles  de Montesquieu

The Devil Has A Clipboard

The devil has a clipboard,
keeping score.
The devil has regulations,
no longer shy,
not hiding in the detail
but living out in derision
and smug bastardry,
feeding on discomfort,
enjoying the powerlessness
of the confusion of
disavowed expectations
and the endless minutiae of
plausible impossibility
carefully tucked inside
shifting goalposts,
ever making promises and
snatching the joy away
just as the sweet and tender
seek to reach and trust.
The devil has a laptop,
keeping track,
seeking entrapment,
preying along the fault-lines
of desire and hope.
The devil has a home
inside your ballot box.
The Devil means well.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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26 responses to “The Devil Has A Clipboard – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Oh, that last line – what a warning.

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  2. love the one line wrap up at the end, indeed he is the confusion in our brain and hearts, his power if we allow it. a keeper poem Paul. so much depth.

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  3. I agree with V.J. That last line got me.

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  4. Perfect for the times in D.C. The devil is there just waiting for us to fail. Resist!

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  5. BAM! Direct hit! I particularly like the title.

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  6. Ballot box and devil sounds about right! 😳

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  7. Charis Counselling

    This too is an amazingly powerful poem so well said and I love the title


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