What Does Love Cost – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“Anticipate charity by preventing poverty.”  Maimonides

What Does Love Cost?

What does love for others really cost,
what pain to wash their feet,
to serve and walk in other’s shoes,
and feed the hungry too,
what might that mean?
to give my coat and
be vulnerable, what then?
To forgive, no, really forgive,
how would that feel?
To live with an integrity that
values every form of life,
never seeking gain,
just imagine if we were
careless for the things
that alienate, the machine of empire,
the greed and gorge of living,
if we turned our guns to plough-shares
and plastic into roads,
just imagine what love might cost,
and go and cash the cheque.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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65 responses to “What Does Love Cost – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Yes, I’m keeping this one!

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  2. Not much love lost in today’s world… 😦

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  3. Beverly Crawford

    This is marvelous. The phrase “greed and gorge of living” is so descriptive. Imagine a world that is humble and kind … just imagine!

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  4. wonderful message and thoughts shared

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  5. We know this, and yet we can’t seem to see past the “greed and gorge” to what is really important.

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  6. It might help if we could trim off the top 10% with the most and distribute to the bottom 90% but nobody is willing to go there. Your way would take longer and could even work, but we don’t have much time.

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  7. I like the thought of turning plastic into roads.

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  8. If everyone decides to be little kind everyday many of the world’s problem will be solved.
    It is just matter of when and how!
    Wonderful thought PAul.

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  9. Truly following in Christ’s footsteps . . .

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  10. So good. What would love cost, and why don’t we think we can afford it?

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  11. Good question, Paul. I suggest the opportunity cost might be power and those with it are likely to be terrorable losers.

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  12. In the words of Sam Cooke … ‘What a wonderful world it would be’

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  13. Hearttouching and so true, Paul! Thank you for remembering.

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  16. Another dandy poem. Reblogged to Public for other’s enjoyment.

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  17. Words to restore hope in love. Thank you.

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  18. lync56

    > I love the gospel in this poem – a challenge to us all


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  19. This piece sends a message, Paul, and a very important one!

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