Never – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Word of the Day – Vain




“War does not determine who is right – but only who is left.”  Bertrand Russell


Never have the vainglories of death
been so exposed as in the spectre of war
where truth is so relentlessly sucked dry
by the ghouls of righteous capital,
so cheaply purchased by the blood of innocents,
for those who would never near the fight
as to get their morals dirty
nor their boots,
they are the ones who would kill their own
for the sake of a few inches of sand
and forty pieces of silver.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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44 responses to “Never – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Very powerful! And so true!

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  2. Indeed. My grandfather fought in WWI, as yours may have. I did a post on that. Let me know if you’re interested, I’ll send you the link.

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  3. So true. My husband’s grandmother sent 4 sons to WW2 and there was never any communication. Can you imagine? They all came home

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  4. hear here! Didn’t know vainglories was a word, thanks.
    Canon fodder comes cheap to the rich and powerful … but they will eventually pay the price

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  5. Excellent, touching poem and all too true. Like yours and Brian’s, my grandfather fought in WWI, my father in WWII, and my fiance in 1969 died in Vietnam, so I’ve had my fill of wars … fought by brave men to feed the desires of cowards, in my book. Anyway, good poem!

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  6. So true! The last line nailed it, and this “where truth is so relentlessly sucked dry by the ghouls of righteous capital,” was a perfect explaination, whats behind. Thank you Paul! Best wishes, Michael

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  7. Loved the honesty and truth in this, Paul!! Very powerful!! Seems the price of betrayal is paying more than the old 30 pieces of silver???

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  8. So many lost for the whims of a few. Powerful write, Paul.

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  9. And we’re left with the eternal question of how to stop the ghouls of righteous capital.

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  10. The glories, misfortunes, and deviousness of those in power.

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  11. Looking at a photo of a dead great great uncle, nineteen years old, ‘Let those who come after see to it that his name be not forgotten.’

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  12. lync56

    Here here – so true and so well crafted


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