Truth – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“The colour of truth is gray.”  Andre Gide



Grief is incontrovertible in black,
and depression, I’m told,
barks all night
and absorbs light in the day,
while white as light
is Jekyll and Hyde
in the woods,
no telling the deception,
but grey,
now there’s a venerable colour
that speaks truth.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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34 responses to “Truth – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. lync56

    You’ve blinded me with obscure references again


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  2. Love this – particularly that depression “barks all night”. Grey is a good compromise.

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  3. I guess it’s always in the middle, but black and white are so much easier to see

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  4. I do try to see the world in grey! A very nice poem.

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  5. Well said Paul! In poetry what lies between the lines has more clarity. Explains why poets are regarded as radicals!

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  6. I like the thought at the end of gray speaking truth.

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  7. Yin and yang spin, where grey is all there is. It is the way of things. Where is can be troubling is when there is no wrong or right answer, as it can lead to inertia and/or indecision.

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  8. Most of the time I live in gray – I’m neither happy nor heavily depressed.
    Nevertheless, this gray damages the quality of life.

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  9. Beverly Crawford

    In youth black and white are so apparent. It’s with the weight of years we encounter gray.

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  10. I like and relate to the color grey. Well let’s say a light grey 😉

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  11. Very exposed truths. Well written too!❤️

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