We Stole The Place – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Alien


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“Recognise yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.”  Carlos Fuentes

We Stole The Place

Like Moses to the promised land
the pitiful migrants come,
aliens with new found purpose
we dash their hopes
and steal the fun,
we’ve pissed on all the posts
so, the soils ours
we don’t want your herbs
or scarves, or prayers,
go back
you don’t belong,
but then, nor do we,
we stole the place
only just a while ago,

©Paul Vincent Cannon

The title, to borrow a line, could well be “Good, good, good, God migration!

Paul, pvcann.com


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49 responses to “We Stole The Place – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. It’s okay for some..makes me sad…excellent write.

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  2. It saddens me that we don’t pay attention to history. We are like animals pissing on our territory, not really using the gifts and smarts of our humanity to consider the benefit to be derived by all.

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  3. Love the irony in this poem. I think that America and Australia are running neck and neck on hauling in the Welcome mat .

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  4. Our insecurities always come into play at perceived umbrage.

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  5. yes we are hypocritical thieves unwilling to share … says more about us!

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  6. 400 some years ago, we began to steal, throw in genocide and slavery, and now we’re dealing with another racist regime. Hard to fathom

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  7. That’s some great writing, Paul.. Just so much into it that it makes you think about the world and the state it is at the moment..

    Warm Regards
    Dee Kay

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  8. Wow very sad and heartfelt Paul!

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  9. I live in hope that we will all see better days.

    I’m reading Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe. His research of the first hand accounts of ‘pioneers’ is quite unsettling to read. Elitism and entitlement was alive and kicking even then.

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  10. Here in the U.S., I think this is more true than anywhere else on earth. Almost everyone here comes from immigrant ancestry, and yet … the arrogance that they don’t want the influx of “other”, that they think their lily-white skin and faux Christianity make them somehow “superior”. It is beyond sad … it is heartbreaking and makes me ashamed to be a citizen of this nation. 😥

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  11. Loved this, Paul!! Yeah, everyone wants to close the entry door behind them once they get in!!! This is even more true in the U.S. We didn’t just steal the land and ruin their culture we engaged in war crimes that are never looked at in that way!! It’s always ok to “Do unto others, before they do unto you???

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  13. Amy

    Thank you very much for this post, Paul.

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  14. So true, Paul! But will we get these thoughts into the heads of some of our politicans too? You will not believe how strong are my discussions about the German migration policy. Here, we had no real migration since the WWII. In the past only workers migrated to Germany, and now they are wondering about real migration, one of the biggest economies in Europe dont want to get. Michael

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  15. lync56

    Very well said – so true and so sad that our country has descended to such depravity


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  16. Your poem reminds me of Woody Guthrie’s “Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Deportee).”

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  17. Thieves don’t want what they have stolen to be stolen.

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