As Poppies Weep – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon.

RDP Thursday – A Flower Cried





“All war is a symptom of man’s (sic) failure as a thinking animal.”  John Steinbeck

As Poppies Weep

How best can you die and
at what hands might that be,
how excruciating can we make it
of bullets, shells and gas
lost in the thick of bloodied mud
and barbed protections
that betray any sense of humanity
certainly not animal because
animals know better than we,
how is it that we,
the thinking species,
slit the wrists of
every generation
and dare to call it glory,
and for what,
some politician’s ideological orgasm
where there are no gasps of ecstasy
only sobs of grief and despair
as poppies weep for the seed of youth.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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71 responses to “As Poppies Weep – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon.

  1. When will we ever learn…so poignant.

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  2. I like your blog
    Please follow back

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  3. Excellent and heartbreaking.

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  4. Love the phrase, but some politicians ideological orgasm.

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    • I think they just want to be famous, none of them have a real sense of life and death or the cost to ordinary families. I blame comics – the modern leader’s eternal search to be the remembered hero. Thank you.

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  5. Since I post songs on Friday, I was going to go for The Band Played Waltzing Matilda or The Green Fields of France, to fit in with the prompt. What I find so very ironic is how anti-war songs and anti-war poems are co-opted by warmongers as a celebration of the gravitas of war and the ‘war effort’ and the spirit of the nation. And don’t get me started on the former PM’s appointment to the AWM! The amount of money spent memorialising every conflict is sickening.

    So I didn’t choose one of those songs after all. But that doesn’t mean that I am not glad that you posted your anti-war poem, Paul.

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  6. I’ve been thinking a lot lately of an old book I once read – The Balance Wheel. The premise is that wars are created to serve the greed of ruling men. You echo that sentiment so well.

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  7. Lessons we refuse to learn! Sometimes it makes me wonder if democracy is doing this job, looking at how ‘ideological orgasmic politicians’ are in the driving seat all over!

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  8. Perhaps if those who perpetuate the death machine were dropped onto a battlefield
    to experience their creation firsthand, things would change?
    Powerful, Paul!

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  9. Love this phrase “some politician’s ideological orgasm”. I weep with the poppies.

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  10. I love this. Very soulful and heart aching.

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  11. This is so powerful, Paul. Beautifully penned as always. 🙂

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  12. Humans are too greedy to stop war.

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  13. Amy


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  14. What a powerful work. So on point! I really, really love it.

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  15. “… and dare to call it glory” … this is so true … oh! the political rhetoric … and the scary part, there are people who are believing the lies and propaganda all in the name of God and country. My mother used to remind us, always pray for peace. I now understand what she meant.

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  16. wow wow wow … you nailed it Paul!

    I could not agree more and your mastery of English makes this a spectacular statement!
    I have a post called W O E which attacks the same subject from another angle.

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  17. Important, powerful, poignant poem. Thank you so much for writing it and sharing it with us. All of us who understand and agree should weep with the poppies.

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  18. Brutal and beautiful poetry. Loved this.

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  19. lync56

    Wow – very powerful and hard hitting – well said


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