Greta Speaks – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Photo:  – Greta Thunberg at the the U.S. Senate Climate Change Task Force.


“Those who have publicly spoken out against Greta have largely been men, something the psychologist said points to ‘very obvious misogyny.’      Zoe Drewett of quoting environmental psychologist Dr. Renee Lertzman

Greta Speaks

Sixteen years ago an
embryo of the sun began to rise,
a benevolence of youth,
the juice and passion of life
unsophisticated yet focussed,
kindling the hearts of many,
terrifying aged men
who throw sand and call names,
casting aspersions,
running scared,
lashing out,
silencing life.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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44 responses to “Greta Speaks – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Isn’t she the greatest?👍🏻

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  2. Your poem captures the situation perfectly, as well as its future ramifications.

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  3. blatant misogyny … their wives and daughters need to stand up to them!

    We need more Greta’s! Well written Pau!

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  4. Very nice, I love Greta! Take care and thank you for visiting and following my blog.

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  5. “Sniveling” — haha!! Good one!

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  6. You’ve totally nailed it here, Paul. Shame on them!

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  7. A short time ago I was reading a book on the life of an indigenous woman. She stated her people regard their children as elders. It made me reflect, how can we not believe this when there is such wisdom in three little words, “How dare you!”

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  8. Love it too, Paul! So true! Best wishes, Michael

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  9. Amy

    When I was l listening to her speech, I was in tears. Thank you, thank you for your poem.

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  10. Greta is an inspiration! She shouldn’t need to be but I’m glad she’s taken on this role.

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  11. lync56

    Fantastic poem – words needing to be spoken


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