Pelicans Align – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: Hardy Inlet, Blackwood River, three pelicans in the shallows.



“Many pelicans fish by swimming in cooperative groups …”  National Geographic

Pelicans Align

Just a grey October day where
the river reflects its sky so well,
a flash of white dazzles on the
far eastern shoreline
a painter’s bold smudge,
the air murmurs but doesn’t move,
gulls and terns circle and pass,
suddenly the daub of paint moves
and catches my eye,
five birds take to the sky
thermal surfers wheeling and circling,
soon five more, and another,
till forty pelicans align in a
grace that belies their size
and somehow the world seems
to be a better place.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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33 responses to “Pelicans Align – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Beautiful description of a natural moment!

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  2. Love Pelicans! If you ever watch them dive notice that they are facing the opposite direction when they come up… Crazy!


  3. I ditto the comment above: Lovely!

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  4. Pelicans are lovely to watch.

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  5. Love Pelicans too, even if i had seen them only once. Best wishes, Michael

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  6. ah love those magic moments where nature unveils her beauty 🙂

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  7. Nice photo and of course, those words…🌸

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  8. A beautiful photo that goes with the poem, Paul. I love it.

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  9. That would be something to see. Pelicans wheeling and circling en masse is something not soon forgotten, I’m sure.

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  10. Beautiful! Enjoyed this splendid piece resolving around my Father’s creations ❤

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  11. I love the hope this poem brings. we need more of these in the world today

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  12. I’ve seen the pelicans, in particular the American whites, organize and circle – quite spectacular. Well described.

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  13. lync56

    Beautiful poem portraying a beautiful reality for us


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  14. I love how the poem moves through description to end in transcendence.

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