Wonderland – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Child-Childhood


Image: etsy.com

“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.”  E.B. White


Sonorous BBC radio
concertos and Tom Jones,
mum’s crooners
swallowed by mop tops,
dragonflies and frogs
by the gurgling brook,
Bill and Ben
rocket ships
Dr. Who on the telly,
Who can pee over the wall?
Show me yours Stella,
reading under the blanket,
Lego advent
laughter and tears,
cowboys and Indians,
cricket in the backyard,
5th of November,
birthday cakes,
grazed knees,
worlds beyond the fence
of tigers roaming close by
pirates sneaking
gunslingers and nazis,
cardboard fantasies,
adventures in wonderland.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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52 responses to “Wonderland – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Wonderful childhood memories although as girls we never peed over the wall😂

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  2. Ah yes, the wonderful world of childhood!

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  3. Zael Sealing

    This is really beautiful, sounds like a daily adventure. I was, still am, a huge Tom Jones fan.
    So, your b’day is Nov 5?

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  4. Zael Sealing

    PS: I LOVE the E.B. White quote!!

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    • His writing has been a joy.


      • Zael Sealing

        The quote you include are wonderful, frequently reminding me of high points in my education…this is the 3rd one, I think, which evoked the same response, so please keep them coming 🙂 (E.B. White, St Exupery especially–and though D.H. Lawrence wasn’t part of my formal education, I had a well-thumbed copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover…so much better than any of the movie versions).

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      • I’m glad that the quotes connect. Yes the books are usually much better. My Father’s family tell me that a relative was the inspiration for the gamekeeper, another distant relative wrote a play based on the book, which I saw over here.


      • Zael Sealing



  5. What a wonderful reminiscence!

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  6. A walk down memory lane. I was just thinking about Bill and Ben the other day!

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  7. ah packed full of wondrous childhood memories, wonderfully portrayed 🙂

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  9. I literally skipped along each line! Joyous! And those universal curiosities made me LOL! Thanks for my first laugh of the day! 🙂

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  10. Your poem could serve as a great writing prompt. I think we all are eager to revisit our sense of childhood wonderment. We just need to be reminded to do it.

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  11. krc


    i enjoy seeing tom jones on The Voice UK

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  12. Lets hope hope will never die. Great poem too. Thank you! Michael

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  13. Childhood in all its wonder and glory. Nicely written, Paul. ❤

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  14. lync56

    Some beautiful memories captured there I am sure – I love the style of this poem


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  15. Really like this! Especially the Doctor Who line… lol!

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