Unnoticed – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“Until they become conscious, they will never rebel.”  George Orwell ‘1984’



the watchers watch,
even of themselves they dutifully report,
but no one watches the watchers
while they are watching you
not watching,
benignly trusting
so unaware of the surrender
made without flag or treaty
folding so easily it went unnoticed,
and nothing seems different at all,
unless, of course,
you dare to have an opinion.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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52 responses to “Unnoticed – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Zael Sealing

    Well, I was raised to understand that I did NOT have an opinion (or that it was of no interest to the powers which existed, thus would not be heard)…which makes it hard to grow a backbone and speak up, once grown to adulthood. Excellent post, as always.

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  2. Very pertinent given the fact that the Metropolitan Police has admitted using face recognition technology.

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  3. With phone cameras everywhere, seems you are “on” 24 hours a day anywhere. I even have my iPad camera blocked off.

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  4. Ah! Then it is a totally different scenario, isn’t it? So timely, Paul.

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  5. All a bit frightening really.

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  6. scotthastiepoet

    Nice write Paul, this sting is in the tail of your piece… Bravo – enjoyed the read – thank you…

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  7. Rob Kistner

    Oh Paul, this packs a powerful punch, and resonates with sad truth.

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  8. This is disconcerting. Well done!

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  9. good for you Paul, you are really slamming the
    constant spying and hypocrisy
    of our so called democracy!

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  10. Paul, you probably won’t believe this, but today a hummingbird came to one of my windows and hovered there for a good 5 seconds, and my first thought was that the watchers had designed a surveillance drone that looks like a hummingbird. This “watched world” is enough to make one suspicious of everything 😦

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  11. I like the challenge that an opinion can make.

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  12. Watchers is as old as time.

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  13. Chilling poem. It’s the unnoticing that is so insidious.

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  14. I believe you, the watchers are everyone. We even invite them (unwittingly) to our home.

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  15. Oh this has an eerie feeling… I can imagine how that trust will erode, when we realize who they are the watchers.

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  16. lync56

    So well written – but absolutely true


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