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Lately – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Word of the Day – Waddle


Photo: Found on Pinterest

“My eyes were in my feet.”   Nan Shepherd


As a child she’d waddled ungainly
the floors called home,
till that time of walking,
waking and leaving,
she’d sashayed for a while so svelte
till she’d entranced and captured another,
then in longer years unbridled in
unconscious freedoms
eventually returning to the beginning,
and lately she’s been waddling again
those floors called home.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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That familiar Smell – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

5 Lines -Peanut Butter




“Without peanut butter, I might starve.”  Judy Blume

That Familiar Smell

Oil sizzles and you knock back the heat,
the heart races as you pile in garlic, onion, chilli,
along with coconut milk, sugar and soy,
but it wouldn’t be satay, it wouldn’t be right
without two tablespoons of peanut butter.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Smiling Through – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Smile




“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

Smiling Through

You’d had a day like a worn shoe
all downtrodden with face askew,
all frowned up not wanting to go,
and I was liberty
with you in my arms,
whispering our secret words
which curved your lips
and gleamed your eyes
as rising sun.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Extasis – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Meet the Bar

Bjorn at dVerse has invited us to speak metaphorically.





I desire to write the curves of you
that my fingers might dance you, and
having dipped my quill in the
dark well of your silken ink
that glides my page with
such soft egress,
we would language in caress
as whispered feathers
fly to purring clouds.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Note: Extasis – Latin borrowed from the Greek – ecstasy or rapture.



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Only Sleep Redeems – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon



“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes.”  Carl Jung



Only Sleep Redeems

The night settles like velvet chocolate
smooth, blanketing my soul with a warmth
that curves my vision
where I am one, even
as the skeletons of life arise
and rattle my sense
of times past,
a purgative review of
exasperated possibilities that
were hard to grasp and which
only sleep redeems,
seeking transformation
for a new day.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Little Toby Melancholy – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Poetics – Kafka For Kids


Art: Altered books by Susan Hoerth (raidersofthelostart)

dVerse Poetics – a challenge by Amaya to take a line from Kafka as inspiration for a nursery rhyme or other. The line that inspired my poem is from Kafka’s Letter to Oskar Pollak:

Think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us.” 


Little Toby Melancholy

Little Toby Melancholy
didn’t want to play
so, instead he took a book
of new worlds to a tree,
but soon the caramel words
which swirled like serpents free,
did stick to his hands and clothes,
poor little Toby did writhe and grive
as the book turned dark and grim,
and from its pages of murk
appeared a bony finger thin
stabbing at his chest so tight
with raucous moonlight laugh,
then Toby shrieked a desperation
and flung it hard away,
its landing thudded waking him
startled and ever wide,
he glanced the cover slight
which winked at him mad
and little Toby sprang in flight
and ran,
and ran,
and ran.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Lived – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Quadrille




“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”  Douglas Adams


I have a memory
of something of a start
collected in the eras
of my many beginnings,
of a long gestated spark
that torched a path,
and, as I look back
I see the embers glowing,
though time is
now extinguishing
my lived meaning.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Wanting, Not Wanting – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon



“Sometimes you just have to jump off the cliff without knowing where you will land.”  Zainab Salbi


Wanting, Not Wanting

The icy blast catches my breath
shivering my flesh,
my body tensed on this precipice
looking into an unknown,
unfathomable something
of uncertainty,
I desire, strongly, to move,
to dive in,
but a shadow in my recess
portents a wait and hold,
a what if, and
so here I wait,
not wanting.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Through Your Love – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Resilience

IMG_0230 3

Photo: Billyacatting Hill, a tree growing in a rock fissure that is shallow and dry, in a low rainfall and very hot region.


“I’m not sure if resilience is ever achieved alone. Experience allows to learn from example. But if we have someone who loves us – I don’t mean who indulges us, but who loves us enough to be on our side – then it’s easier to grow resilience, to grow belief in self, to grow self-esteem. and it’s set-esteem that allows a person to stand up.”  Maya Angelou


Through Your Love

I drifted for a time
as wind drifts sand across desert
where nothing seems to change
the sandness of drifting as
amongst dry bones and ash,
but in the flurry
you captured my seed
and, in the womb of your fissure
you birthed in me a courage
founded in your acceptance,
and though the winds returned
I was grounded, rooted,
and best of all, bendable
through your love of which I am
ever suppled and strong
in the face of all who
squander me in dry sands.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Simple – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

5 lines – Repair


Photo provided by Patricia’s Place


“An apology is the super glue of life. It an repair just about anything.”  Lynn Johnston


O how we mighty fall
with tarnished armour and blunted sword
as the horse of self-righteousness bolts,
and yet, to offer repair in that very place of fear
with that simple five letter word that reignites hope.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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