The Cuckoo-flower – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

5 Lines – Waiting


Photo: provided by  Patricia’s Place


“The statesman shears the sheep, the politician skins them.”  Austin O’Malley


The Cuckoo-flower

She was more verbivore than herbivore
a cuckoo-flower who habited a simple meliorism
that the pasture was always better down the road
paradise in four-leafed clover she’s heard,
just awaiting the jumbuck special, ticket cloven.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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20 responses to “The Cuckoo-flower – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. lync56



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  2. Love it, with a smile on my lips. 🙂 Michael

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  3. An interesting poem, Paul.

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  4. As always your lines are educational. Just hope the sheep doesn’t miss the beauty of the journey on her way to the four-leafed clover. Thanks for sharing your entertaining…and educational lines.

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