Mystica – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“The journey not the destination matters.”  T.S. Eliot


I wanted to be sure
that the threshold could be crossed
to leave the paracosms of childhood
those parental certainties,
cassocked beliefs
of vaulted minds,
mortared cracks of real,
I picked up the almanac of my life
and it frittered away
like so many burnt pages,
fragile and flaking,
faint and indecipherable,
certainty sliding,
via negativa evolving
an apophatic line,
a Dionysian celebration,
if somewhat muted,
in the joy of not knowing
that you were there
but everywhere.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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17 responses to “Mystica – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. What a wonderful description of how life really is, the way we have to find the way through mysterious trails… this

    via negativa evolving
    an apophatic line,
    a Dionysian celebration,
    if somewhat muted,

    Really talked to my senses of how we have to seek for a way that isn’t

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  2. This is so well done, Paul, and I am so tired, I will not do this response justice, but I feel like you have touched on the many complexities of finding oneself – admist the childhood expectations and dictates, through the evolving phases of life. Bravo.


  3. I always enjoy your work but this poem is special. There’s a vulnerability to it that is beautiful. There is a ‘oneness’ in the last three lines that is wonderful.

    I also love the concept of ‘journey friends’ you make in a previous comment.

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  4. lync56

    A little mystifying


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  5. I believe your last three lines give an eternal quality to the paracosms of childhood that would dissipate when approached any other way. This poem is profound and I hope readers will appreciate the divine nature of the great mystery of love.

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  6. Interesting and engaging direction you’ve taken with your perspective on Amaya’s smoke & mirrors prompt Paul well written. We are always seeking the source of our fundamental beliefs.

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