I Wish I Hadn’t – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Grass – RDP Thursday


Photo: theweeklynabe.com

“I see litter as part of a long continuum of anti-social behaviour.”  Bill Bryson

I Wished I Hadn’t

I took myself for a walk today
and I came to a little park,
the sun was out,
the grass was shining,
so I thought I’d sit for a while,
but as I looked,
and I wished I hadn’t for
all was not as it seemed,
a child surrendered
its lunch to the grass,
while several dogs weighed less,
there were tea bags and wrappers,
beer slops and bottles,
so I went to the mall instead.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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56 responses to “I Wish I Hadn’t – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. So sad that people do that. I live near a park and darn if every time I go there is litter to pick up.

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  2. Don’t know why people are so casual about littering….sadly true in my country also Paul.

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  3. Sadly, this is true where I live as well. My 3-year-old grandson knows that part of hiking in the forest with his grandma is picking up trash.

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  4. Definitely not your typical nature is beautiful poem.

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  5. You wrote so elegantly about a horrible problem.

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  6. Even at the mall you see things discarded within inches of a trash bin! My pet peeve is spitting. So disgusting, worse if it’s tobacco….I’ll stop there.🤢

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  7. When you’re in a chair all the time you have to be careful how you roll. Unfortunately you have a great view of the ground.

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  8. Littering is so thoughtless and so easily rectified if people just cared enough.

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  9. Isn’t it the truth indeed! I took my daughter to the park for dinner last night for her birthday and in that video I took of her playing- she apologized to the camera for all the cussing 🤬 in the background. It was coming from us from the high schoolers trying to intimidate everyone but really they just looked like clowns 🤡


  10. My Niece Is Very Big On Putting Trash In The Can At Parks. She Hates To See It On The Ground. She Said To Me Once. Auntie The Earth Is Beautiful And No One Cares. She Was About 10 Then, She’s 19 Now. She Still Feels The Same Way. And You Better Not Throw Anything Out The Window While Driving. She Will Have Your Ear For Days. Lol

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  11. Sad reality of recent times.

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  12. Despite our wisdom, technology on hand and scientific advancement, we like being surrounded by trash!

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  13. When there is no controversy it is peaceful. I love quiet, aloof days Paul ❤

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  14. ouch no civic pride … don’t be a tosser!

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  15. A great post my friend. People have no respect for anything anymore. I point my finger at the older generations. We were the ones who failed to understand how our actions were damaging the future. So we did not educate our children on those bad habits.

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  16. lync56

    Yes my sadness each day I walk – I pick up each day to do my bit – I love this poem though as it has put into words my feelings too



  17. At a local park today I was disgusted to see a lot of litter. I couldn’t help myself but at least spend 5 minutes to clean it up as best I could as the park has waste baskets all over so really there is no excuse unless you are just a sloth.

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  18. Fantastic, we do that too, annoying to see it but so good to help, wish it were otherwise.


  19. Oh yes, at the mall you can get it “first hand”. Sorry for the sarcasm, but at first our politicans force the industry producing so much waste, then they increase their own salaries (becoming stackholders of the businesses), at least they complain about pollution of the environment. In my view, political Europe in particular for decades has known only itself. We must now pay to raise living standards in Africa. Otherwise, people there will understandably get upset. ;-( Michael

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  20. Both symptoms of a sick society — the litter and the mall.

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  21. Bill Bryson, is spot in in his quote.


  22. It’s unfortunate that people leave their litter everywhere ruining the enjoyment for others. Our world is becoming a messy place!

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