Seamless – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”  Thich  Nhat Hahn



To contemplate breathing
now there’s a thing,
a rhythm of
an inward and outward breath,
so simple really, and yet,
where is the juncture
the beginning or end,
though differently constituted
there are no parts
neither this or that,
just one continuous
seamless movement.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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35 responses to “Seamless – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Mindfulness in free verse.

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  2. Control of breathing is important for women giving birth.

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  3. Beautiful..just one seamless movement..made up of small integrated breaths.

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  4. Beverly Crawford

    In the midst of a long night, to become aware of one’s own breathing can become quite unsettling. This made me think of those moments!

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  5. Breathing has its own language, the sharp intake, the long drawn out exhale, the sigh, the steady rhythm of rest, the first of life and the last of new life. Thank you for a bringing on a reflective moment.

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  6. Powered by the spark of life. It is relaxing to focus on breath. Wondering why I don’t do it much anymore…

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  7. Nicely done! An interesting thought!

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  8. This is fantastic. Amazing, yet simple imagery with lots of depth.

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  9. Paul, that is wonder-full reminder to breathe.


  10. Awareness of breathing seems like a way to forget those feelings.


  11. And so it seems, inhale and exhale.

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  12. Thank you for sharing this for OLN Paul. Engaging read, and well written.

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  13. lync56

    Such a great poem reflecting a mindfulness/spiritual practice so precisely


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  14. Breathing, something we don’t ponder until we have to.

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