Belief – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Belief – VJs Weekly ChallengeIMG_1214.jpeg

Photo: Uluru at sunset, a calm and peaceful place, an ancient place, a deeply spiritual place.

“belief, like love, must be voluntary.”  John Updike


Of orthodoxy there is no real centre
except of ink on paper
where imagination dies
a thousand deaths
in a rut of doctrines and dogmas
that pierce the heart
and erase the future,
imprisoning vision,
punishing hope,
and yet we are all heterodox
bringing our creative spice
to the great universal stew,
an ever changing recipe.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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35 responses to “Belief – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. blindzanygirl

    I like this very much. I like the reference to Orthodoxy and dogma and doctrine. And how it kills vision. Yes, I really like this one Paul.

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  2. where nothing is black or white ….

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  3. Love the first line (and also the quote) … reading each line in the poem is thoughtful delight.

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  4. bringing our creative spice to the universal stew – excellent lines! Superb writing!

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  5. Wonderful and so true! Thank you Paul! Best wishes, Michael

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  6. Wow, last three lines…so clever!
    Is that your photo too? Extremely beautiful!

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  7. Beautiful photograph, Paul. Visiting Uluru is on my list of things to do some time soon.

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  8. Paul, leave it to you to hit the nail on the head! We are a “stew” – and that is what I want to savour – not isolating doctrines or divisive translations.

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  10. lync56

    So true and so beautifully put


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