Stillness In Movement – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Poetics – Movement

Video: Another short video of the top end of Margaret River where it crosses a road.



Stillness In Movement

Somnambulant gyrovagues aimless
across the strictures of the brave new world
ever longing for surprise
secretly desiring to be planted
with corner stores and Lucille Balls,
still parched and thirsting for the real,
will sitting make it so?
Is local a virtue that leads to
salvation by mortar?
The normatives of routine beg questions,
the toilet brush and carving knife speak
of uncertainties of future days
as genealogies turn to ash
while news bulletins are chalk to taste,
and all that long road of passion
is that now spent?
Did we climb that ideal hill satisfied at last?
In the rhythms of these labyrinthine days
there is a stillness in movement
a contemplative balance
as my steps rotate the earth.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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30 responses to “Stillness In Movement – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Interesting poem sir,thank you for sharing.

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  2. ‘there is a stillness in movement
    a contemplative balance’
    I love these lines and the question before it.

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  3. Sound of the river flowing was musical and divine 💖💖
    Those few moments was blissful to me 💕
    Thanks for sharing this video.

    Title ” stillness in movement” — beautiful ❤️💖

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  4. This is excellent Paul, and I love “salvation by mortar”…!


  5. Nice lines: “Is local a virtue that leads to
    salvation by mortar?”

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  6. Love this contemplative way! Thank you Paul! Best wishes, Michael

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  7. “ever longing for surprise
    secretly desiring to be planted” –
    therein lies the dilemma of my restless spririt. This masterpiece commands further contemplation. Well done.

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  8. Well written Paul! 😀 I love the lessons nature teaches us from The Creator of them all. ❤

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  9. Outstanding poem, Paul. I learned a new word, and got to watch a great video.

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  10. It seems anything labyrinthine would have little to no perceived rhythm so that line was a paradox for me, so fitting for your paradox of a poem, ‘Stillness in Movement.’ I also pondered the last line for quite some time, our own seeking turning the earth, eluding us of contentment all the more.

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    • Thank you for pondering, your thoughts resonate with my intention, and I like that you teased it out. Thank you so much for taking time to reflect back.


  11. lync56

    Very interesting – a bit deep for me and those long obscure words!!



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