One Side – by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Prosery 2



At dVerse Poets sarahsouthwewst has challenged us to write a prose piece of 144 words using a line from a poem. Sarah has chosen a line from ‘Full Moon’ by Alice Oswald: “Last night I dreamt I was the moon.”


One Side

The strangest things can happen in unguarded moments with a glass of wine. We were sitting out star-gazing when I blurted out, for no apparent reason, at least none that would make any sense, that last night I dreamt I was the moon. After a polite pause someone asked what I meant and I realised I was thinking out loud. I was roused from my thoughts with “Well?” Then someone filled the long silence with “They say that to dream of the moon means that you can face a challenge.” Someone else volunteered, “It means mysterious changes are coming in your life.” Then all eyes were on me again. “Well?” “Well, It struck me that I am only one side.” “What?” came the unified response. “you only ever see one side of me, I have a very dark side.” The night hid my smile.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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35 responses to “One Side – by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Well done. Clever setup and a slam dunk delivery. Obviously, not a moonling.

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  2. We tend to forget the dark side. Clever that the darkness helped to hide the smile.

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  3. Suzanne

    What a deliciously clever bit of writing.

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  4. this really deserves a sequel … pretty please?

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  5. I could get to this through the pingback, but not Mr Linky – I’m not sure why? I like the way you drop us into this situation, and the different voices, and then the very witty ending. Easy to forget that dark side, maybe because we don’t see it!

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  6. E sono lupo di lana. 😉 Well penned Paul! Best wishes, Michael

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  7. lync56

    Very good and very profound


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