Glass Ball Poker – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Marble – RDP Sunday




Glass Ball Poker

Dust puthered as the circle was scribed
center marked with a fat Tom Bowler
all the doogs are out,
aggies and cats eyes at the ready
tension holds the air
everyone is breathing shallow
strategies forming
a serious gamble
hopes running high,
someone will win the lot,
most will lose
perhaps their favourite,
dreams will be dashed,
glass ball poker
high roller stakes
before the siren,
life’s mnemonic.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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46 responses to “Glass Ball Poker – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I remember playing marbles as a kid grade 5ish I think. Now I wonder how the heck we flicked them without it hurting lol

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  2. That brings back fond memories, Paul.

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  3. Amy

    …strategies forming, unlike today’s video games.

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  4. I can remember playing with marbles as a kid, but that was not nearly as much fun as flipping baseball cards or knocking them down from the wall.

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  5. lol memories of the tension of the high rollers and that damned school bell, great depiction … look what the kids today are missing out on, poor deprived babies 🙂

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  6. Aww this poem of yours made me so nostalgic Paul.We used to play a lot of glass marbles while growing up.

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  7. Terry

    More sore thumbs than sore losers. Ahh memories.

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  8. wonderful! Oh the hours we spent playing marbles.

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  9. Paul this is really good––I felt drawn in to the game. Is that your photo? Goes so well with the poem!
    Blessings to you, and all the best.

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  10. Thank you for this piece of nostalgia! Brought back memories of my brother. Love the slingshot in the young boy’s pocket! I can remember us making fastenings from the discarded inner tubes of bikes. Such fun days!

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  11. Memories … I used to be a champ at marbles! Always gave back the ones I won, except one time … the most beautiful blue cat’s eye … sigh. 😉

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  12. We played with marbles and had also a strange game: “Kibbel-kabbel” , which is related to cricket .

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  13. Ah Paul, this brings back memories. Aggie’s and Cat’s Eyes. Brilliant.

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  14. Love this post. Brings out plenty of good old memories.

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