Life-Giver – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Photo: Elachbutting Rock, one of Western Australia’s waved rocks, and typically showing the effect of water and air on the minerals in the rock. The rocks are crucial to flora and fauna, filtering and directing, and holding water. The indigenous relied on them as a source of water, and most of the granite and sandstone outcrops form part of the extensive Song Lines.



In a dry wilderness land
where wind whips sand
and helios mercilessly
desiccates all life,
you form and poise
almost reaching that peak,
yet never crashing to foam
holding the space as
serpentine life-giver
oasis of hope
sentinel of Eden
in this dry ocean.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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30 responses to “Life-Giver – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. So profound and thought provoking poem Paul..

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  2. Love it, Paul! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, and enjoy it! Best wishes, Michael

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  3. Beautiful photo and poem.

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  4. Food=Life

    Lovely poem and brilliant photo😊

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  5. blindzanygirl

    This is beautiful poetry

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  6. I’ll never look at a ‘wave rock’ the same way again. “… you form and poise, almost reaching that peak, yet never crashing to foam …” exquisite! The picture, too.

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  7. love the poem that is so full of life and your additional information is precious

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  8. Great piece of information you shared, Paul. Lovely poem.

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  9. Beautiful image and poem, Paul.

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  10. yes we have so much to learn from our First Nation people … they survived 60,000 years in places we see as barren … nice nod for NAIDOC 🙂

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  11. lync56

    Wow beautiful words evoking so well this landscape


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