Red shoes – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Shoe – RDP Wednesday – Shoe




Red Shoes

Of all that could possibly be invited
to the circus of my mind,
my dreams
of gods and angels,
were annulled in favour
of a pair of flamboyant red shoes
attached to beauty,
and, in the moment I turned
to speak to her,
I was awakened
and she was gone,
tonight as I lie in bead
I hope to glimpse
that eternity again.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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38 responses to “Red shoes – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Beautiful, Paul. ”I hope to glimpse
that eternity again.”

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  2. Hope you will also love her coming back barefoot. 😉 Well done! Michael

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  3. The highs of the perfect dream then the lows of waking from it. In the dream class we talked about focusing on a dream we want to continue just before falling asleep and that it can work. Try it and let me know! I like the message of the poem also, about the distraction away from the usual well-worn paths of the mind to a place of sheer joy.

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  4. Such poignant wanting. There is great magic in the red shoes. We do know their power. 🙂

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  5. For some unknown reason, a girl wearing red shoes always does it for me.

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  6. A torture device among many designed

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  7. Red shoes on a woman….like a man in a red sports car…meant to be noticed!

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  8. Red shoes always make a statement 🙂 A wonderful poem.

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  9. Reminds me of a comment I saw yesterday—Dorothy has taught us that all a girl needs is a pair of red shoes and a loyal dog.

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  10. “…to the circus of my mind”. ❤️
    Wonderful Paul! Oh! The cruel bite of reality!

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  11. lync56

    I love red shoes


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  12. My mother always said that every woman needs a pair of red shoes.

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  13. A beautiful poem Paul. I wonder why you dreamt that. Wearing red shoes makes one feel ‘grounded’ and confident. 🙂💕

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  14. Well they certainly catch the eye! It was lovely Paul 🙂

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