Dignity Reclaimed – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Reclaim – VJs Weekly Challenge


Photo: Bunbury Wetlands, some kind soul had waded into the shallows to extract this shopping trolley which was rusting and missing some of its sides. Every year when the water level drops the Friends of the wetlands go in and remove the rubbish dumped there.



Dignity Reclaimed

As summer wore on
the lake became brazen
shedding her cloak,
revealing her blemishes and scars
symbols of modern decline,
cans, bags, and a shopping trolley,
a cage of slavery now enslaved
encrusted and rusted,
yet easily excised,
and the lake,
her dignity reclaimed
by winter’s refreshing rains.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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29 responses to “Dignity Reclaimed – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Love it! The lake becoming “brazen” – revealing the “naked” truth, and then “reclaimed” by winter rains. It’s so true.

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  2. Great poem! We were on the same wavelength with the environment on this challenge. I am always disheartened by people’s lack of care and understanding about the importance of wetlands. You did a great job personifying the wetland and sharing its pain.

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  3. I didn’t realize you published a post everyday until now. I admire your commitment to your blog…totally worth a follow!

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  4. Beautiful words, Paul. I love the word ”brazen”.

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  6. Regarding Rubbish:
    If you like take a look at Chris Jordan’s site: Running the numbers.
    He shows in astonishing art what an amount of rubbish we produce every day, every minute, every second.

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  7. Wonderful imagery, as the choosen image itself. Thank you for sharing, Paul! Best wishes, Michael

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  8. Yes the dignity of the environment is key. I love the wetlands there and the disregard saddens me.

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  9. lync56

    Well said


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