The Smithy – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Sputter – RDP Monday




The Smithy

The fizz and sputter of the raked coals,
brazier aglow
and the glisten of sweat as he
worked the bellows
and rained down successive blows,
hammering like thunder
such new creations
as metal yielded like
a sacrifice on the anvil
as if forged in the very heat
of the beginning of time,
the warmth of the fire
filling the air with ash
and all the smells of
grit and iron,
this place of force and might
is yet an intricate design
of all that could be.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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37 responses to “The Smithy – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. One of my loves blackdmiths

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  2. A forceful, fiery poem! 🙂
    (You would think that he would at least be wearing safety glasses.)

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  3. I love the last three lines … much like life.

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  4. Gosh I love it. I wanna practive to write more poetry like this.

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  5. Very nicely described, Paul!
    One should learn this old craft again. Best also gunmaking too.;.) Best wishes,Michael

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  6. the smithy forging life ,,, nice one!

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  7. This poem brings in all of the senses (except the smell of the sweaty blacksmith). Very emotive poem on a profession we don’t think about so much anymore. Lovely job.

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  8. Amazing piece and love your imagery and your reflections on a strenuous craft that produces such interesting designs.

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  9. Amy

    They are creative and work under such conditions…

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  10. I can almost hear the blacksmith with his pounding. Nice one, Paul.

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  11. lync56

    Your words always transport me to another place that you are conjuring


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