Stillness That Moves – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Stillness That Moves

That feeling
when stillness moves,
vertiginous upheaval
transfer of heat,
second law of the
thermodynamics of love
but should it cool
then let the grasses
caress you to a
stillness that moves.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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47 responses to “Stillness That Moves – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. You are definitely a romantic….♡

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  2. “Thermodynamics of love”

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  3. Love how you phrase this!

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  4. Love this, sexy, hot,
    Also scratchy…
    Very loverly poem Paul
    Very human 😉

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  5. When does the heat transfer stop?
    It must necessarily stop.
    My English is comparatively bad, but I like to read your poems. 😉

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  6. Lovely thank you ♥️

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  7. Love the title and the sensual quality of this poem. Well done!

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  8. sanaarizvi

    Oh this is absolutely lovely!! ❤️❤️

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  9. What a line “second law of the
    thermodynamics of love”. Seems you are a technican, Paul? Right? 😉 But i love it. Michael

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  10. Thanks for sharing this fine piece! Excellent write. See you in a couple weeks Paul, when dVerse returns. In honor of Solli Raphael: A Smidgen of Thought

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  11. Such stillness moves every heart… really lovely.

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  12. Xan

    “that feeling when stillness moves”

    I love poets.

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  13. I love the imagery, Paul.

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  14. Enjoyed reading your poetry. I love a good poem that’s longer than three lines and 17 syllables.
    Your poetry flows like a river. That’s what its supposed to do. Kept my intrest to read all the words and turn the page.
    Well done.

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  15. lync56

    Another very beautiful poem


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  16. Beautiful 💖
    Specially the title “stillness ..”
    What a combination .. stillness and move . Brilliant!! I like oxymorons.
    I love the word stillness 💕 just the sound of it brings solace.

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  17. First read, I felt the contrast of stillness and movement and how they could co-exist, such as being still while our minds race or sending positive energy out to the world as we sit quietly. Second interpretation was the way stillness can move one’s soul, the tranquility that can be felt so immensely that it awakens you. Either way, this poem is beautiful.

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