To Listen – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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To Listen

You danced me round solutions
you carried me with ideas
you tautologically vented
as that is what spleens do,
stated your anger which
wasn’t mine at all,
dark mutterings of murder
to right the wrongs
as you saw
though differently to my eyes,
you even spoke for me,
without invitation I might add,
all I wanted was
for you to listen,
that would have helped
me most of all.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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32 responses to “To Listen – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Sometimes a listening ear is all we need.Well said ,Paul


  2. Wow, this poem really resonates with me today, especially this line: “you tautologically vented
    as that is what spleens do”…it made me think! In energetic healing, the spleen allows us to digest information and be nourished by it (as well as food.) (And digesting information was percolating in my own poem today.) Excellent writing!

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  3. If only people listen more. Great piece of writing.

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  4. Bet you’re an expert at this! 😊

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  5. A powerful comment on the way we relate to one another. People need to listen more. Luckily I get to “listen” to you through your writing. 🤟😎

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  6. Good advices inside too. Sadly sometimes i also waffling to much. Lol Michael

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  7. Focused listening takes effort. Maybe that’s why the mouth works overtime!

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  8. A skill so few have…

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  9. A skill so few have, these days especially…

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  10. and how often does this happen … listening and hearing are also two different things

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  11. Always the problem – don’t give me advice, just listen.

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  12. I feel guilty now. 😦 I’m prone to rushing in with ideas on how to fix things rather than being a quiet presence and just listening. Getting better but it takes practice! Two ears, one mouth = listen more, talk less…I keep forgetting that. Great poem. ♥.

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  13. lync56

    So very true and well put – I can use this


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